GovDocs FAQ

How can I access the contents of the GovDocs collection?

Search the GovDocs collection by keyword, or, browse by Title, Author, Agency/Ministry, Subject or Year. Use the advanced search to narrow your keyword search.

Does the GovDocs portal include all Ontario Government Documents?

No. The GovDocs portal consists of government documents archived by the Ontario Legislative Library for their clients who include the Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and their staff, staff of the Legislative Assembly, staff for all parties and members of the Legislative Press Gallery. The collection contains a wide variety of documents related to government policies and programs.

What types of documents are included in the GovDocs portal?

The collection contains documents such as:

    • Annual reports
    • Budget material
    • Commissions of inquiry reports
    • Electoral district maps
    • Newsletters
    • Policy papers
    • Public consultation documents
    • Quarterly reports
    • Research reports
    • Task force reports

Most documents are available in both English and French.

What types of documents are not included in the GovDocs portal?

The collection does not contain documents such as:

  • Forms
  • Highly scientific, technical and medical reports
  • Tax bulletins
  • Government data sets

How many documents are available through the GovDocs portal?

Users can currently access over 32,000 government documents from the collection of the Ontario Legislative Library. Documents are being added on an ongoing basis.

How current are the documents in the GovDocs portal?

Documents are uploaded to the GovDocs portal on a quarterly basis. Because there could be a delay in loading current documents, for recently published items please check Service Ontario , the appropriate ministry or agency website or ask your local library for research assistance.