OurOntario.ca Portal

OurOntario.ca delivers one search access to digital collections of libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, galleries, and other content providers.

The OurOntario.ca discovery portal, developed using open source software, has English and French interfaces, enhanced social media tools enabling easy sharing of digital content with friends and colleagues, and many other features.

OurOntario Portal

Digital discovery of Ontario’s people, places, events, history and culture.

Using this portal technology, we offer discovery services for diverse contributors. Through OurOntario.ca, a unique next-generation search portal, users can discover, navigate and interact with a range of digital resources, including text, audio, image, video and other media from across the province – getting users to connect to digital content about and from Ontario.

ODW’s portal technologies allow access hundreds of thousands of digital objects in one easy search, with search results providing a quick link to the digital collections. One search to find the content, and one click to access the website where the digital content resides. The portal is designed to drive traffic to the local sites of libraries, archives, museums, historical societies and other organizations which host the digital collections. 

Participating as a partner in OurOntario.ca portal guarantees higher ranking in other search engine environments, making your content more discoverable – ensuring many ways for users to find the digital content they are looking for. Check out the OurOntario.ca Portal Features page and the OurOntario.ca FAQ

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As a discovery service for libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, heritage and community groups, government agencies, art galleries, etc., OurOntario.ca leads users to your digital content. Search results link to the website (yours) where users can access the digital collections, bringing standalone sites and collections together in ways that other search engines cannot.

OurOntario.ca is a collaborative project – in essence the portal is the sum of its partners. We build partnerships with various organizations that have cultural heritage and community content, including libraries (public, academic, government), archives, museums, historical societies, newspaper publishers, etc…

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Participating in OurOntario.ca is a unique opportunity to globally market your collections and increase online discovery of local content. Become a partner today or, if you are interested in designing a custom portal, contact us!

The 2012-2014 Portal Platform project is funded in part by the Government of Ontario.NEW_Ont_logo_blk