OurOntario.ca FAQ

What kind of content can I find on OurOntario.ca?

OurOntario.ca content includes photographs, maps, videos, sound recordings, government documents, books and other media. You can find digital collections about Ontario life and culture, history, government, business and scientific heritage.

The collections are from libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, heritage and community groups, and from private collections across Ontario. OurOntario.ca also contains selected items from organizations across Canada, where they pertain to Ontario content.

How can I find out more about a particular item?

If you have a question about any of the photographs, document, map, or other item that you have found by searching this site, you need to contact the organization that owns the item. OurOntario.ca does not own any of the digital items being made available on this site.

To find information for an item that you’ve found through OurOntario.ca, click on the thumbnail image or on the description of the item. By clicking on the thumbnail or the description you will directly access the item on the contributing organization’s site.

Do I need permission to use, reproduce or publish an item I discovered on the OurOntario.ca site?

The digital items and collections on the OurOntario.ca site are made available by the contributing organizations that own the digital items and collections. For information about the copyright status of a particular item, or for permission to reproduce or publish the item, contact the contributing organization directly.

How can my organization’s digital collections be added to the OurOntario.ca search site?

Participating in OurOntario.ca is an opportunity to globally market your collections and increase online discovery of local content. If you are interested in contributing content to OurOntario.ca, contact us

How can I build other portals to bring together information and digital collections about a different region, resource type, or other scoped content?

ODW can work with you to customize the portal technology and leverage it for other presentations of digital content. Our GovDocs and Ontario Community News Portal portals are two examples. Please contact us to talk about your ideas and how we can help.