VITA Digital Toolkit

VITA is a web-based end-to-end solution for libraries, museums, archives, heritage and historical and other groups looking to build, manage and display digital collections of images, newspapers, oral histories, 3D objects and more. The VITA toolkit enables the creation of sustainable digital collections, with a dynamic online presence for organizations to globally market their digital collections and community content.The toolkit includes a sophisticated data management system, full customization options, and an interactive public-facing website for exhibiting your collections. Our advanced technologies also means all content is easy to search, and optimized for online discovery on the world wide web.

Complete solution

  • web-based data management
  • hosting and back up of digital files
  • fully customizable website
  • cutting edge search, browse & discover technologies
  • optimized web presence for global discovery
  • one-on-one and community support
Release notes

Spring 2016: 5.3 new options for public view and working with groups:

  • “Print text” button captures user-friendly record content
  • Add your credit line to JPG2000s
  • Interactive “Order reproduction” link on records
  • Image-based OCR snippets for JPG2000 pages
  • Add thumbnail images for external links
  • Use Groups to give Associate agencies full attribution
  • Show/Hide Shared groups in data management

Summer 2015: 5.2 enhancing views and opportunities for user engagement:

  • Search/Browse contributor name
  • JP2 viewer and upload for details and pages
  • YouTube embed option for all plan types
  • Detail image carousel & labels
  • “Order reproduction” button option for full images

See the VITA Toolkit website for more information and examples of VITA’s features and functionality.

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